Letting go of Django: Under the Hood

Published on 28th Feb 2018 by the DUTH team

Even when something has been great, sometimes you have to let go. We won't be organising more editions Django: Under the Hood.

When the first ideas were floated for a new conference, in a train in Italy somewhere in 2014, we weren't expecting how big of an event Django: Under the Hood would become. In our second year we sold out in 52 seconds. Over the years, we welcomed 750 attendees, provided over € 10.000 in financial aid to bring 30 people to the conference, and handed out 100.000 kcals in stroopwafels. But it wasn't just big in numbers, but also in how successful it was as a community event. Every year, we also worked hard to be inclusive, welcoming and safe for all attendees and speakers.

As we wrote last year, when we decided to take a break for 2018, organising a conference is exciting, fun, and a great learning experience. However, it also takes tremendous energy, involves stress, and sometimes disappointment. Especially as everyone on our team is a volunteer.

Since organising the last edition in 2016, we have all moved on to do different things in our lives, and focus our energy on other things that we feel passionate about. Therefore, we've decided not to organise further editions. We understand that that may come as a disappointment to some, but we'd encourage you not to be sad that it's over, but rather be happy that it happened.

It's not you, it's us: we're taking a break in 2017

Published on 28th Feb 2017 by the DUTH team

We've decidedΒ to take a break from organising Django: Under the Hood in 2017.

For the last three years, we have organised Django: Under the Hood in Amsterdam. We started out with β€œlet’s bring the core team together to share knowledge”, and ended up becoming one of the largest Django events in Europe. We’ve always aimed to distinguish ourselves by having a short conference with in-depth curated talks. We also made increasing efforts every year to create an inclusive, welcoming and safe environment for all attendees and speakers.

Organising a conference like Django: Under the Hood is a tremendous effort. As organisers we are excited about our work every year. But this also takes a lot of energy, involves a lot of stress, and sometimes disappointment about what we haven’t been able to do. Every single person in our team does this as a volunteer effort. After three consecutive years, many team members want to take a break or devote their attention to new projects. Therefore the team has decided there will not be an edition of Django: Under the Hood in 2017.

Django: Under the Hood 2016 Code of Conduct Transparency Report

Published on 21st Nov 2016 by Agata Grdal, Baptiste Mispelon, Erik Romijn, Ola Sendecka, Rob Kirberich

One of the most important parts of dealing with Code of Conduct issues is being transparent about what happened during the event. It is tempting to avoid talking about it and pretend that the event went without any problems, however we believe that this kind of approach does more harm than good.

By being transparent about what happened during the event, we aim to show that the Code of Conduct is taken very seriously by our team. This way we hope people will feel more comfortable to speak up if something's not right.

For this reason, we publish the transparency report: an anonymized description of the incidents that happened during the conference.

Meet our gold sponsor: Sanoma

Published on 27th Oct 2016 by Agata Grdal

Django Under the Hood is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited! We'd like you to better get to know our biggest supporter this year: Sanoma! Learn how they entertain, inform, educate and inspire millions of people every day.

Live captioning available this year

Published on 8th Oct 2016 by Ola Sitarska

We're stoked to share more awesomeness with you. This year for the first time we will be offering live captioning of all Django: Under The Hood talks!

Evening social sponsored by Sentry!

Published on 3rd Oct 2016 by Ola Sitarska

This year's evening social event is brought to you by Sentry, a real-time crash reporting that gives your team insight into errors affecting your customers.

Sprints venue announcement

Published on 28th Sep 2016 by Ola Sitarska

We're excited to announce this year's Sprints location! We're going to spend one and a half days contributing to Django in the Impact Hub, entrepreneurial community, space and learning environment in the Amsterdam's Westerpark.

Last chance for DUTH ticket!

Published on 12th Aug 2016 by Ola Sitarska

On Tuesday, 16th of August at 3pm Amsterdam time we're giving you the last chance to get your Django: Under The Hood 2016 ticket in general sale. If you lucked out or missed the lottery, this is your chance to see our talks live!

2016 Registration

Published on 1st Jul 2016 by Ola Sitarska

Every year tickets to Django: Under The Hood sell out in a matter of minutes. This year we're trying something different to make the distribution of tickets a little bit more fair and less frustrating for everyone.

Read on to learn about the important changes we're making this year!

πŸ”Š Django: Under The Hood line-up announced! πŸ”Š

Published on 13th Jun 2016 by Ola Sitarska

We couldn't be more excited to reveal the topics that we will discuss in-depth in November this year with you!

We need your help βœ‹

Published on 7th Jun 2016 by Agata Grdal

We are seeking companies who wish to support Django: Under the Hood financially.

Hello world! πŸ‘‹πŸŒ

Published on 28th Mar 2016 by Ola Sitarska

We're just getting started here but you can safely expect more and more exciting news getting published here more frequently.