It's not you, it's us: we're taking a break in 2017

Published on 28th Feb 2017 by the DUTH team

We've decided to take a break from organising Django: Under the Hood in 2017.

For the last three years, we have organised Django: Under the Hood in Amsterdam. We started out with “let’s bring the core team together to share knowledge”, and ended up becoming one of the largest Django events in Europe. We’ve always aimed to distinguish ourselves by having a short conference with in-depth curated talks. We also made increasing efforts every year to create an inclusive, welcoming and safe environment for all attendees and speakers.

Organising a conference like Django: Under the Hood is a tremendous effort. As organisers we are excited about our work every year. But this also takes a lot of energy, involves a lot of stress, and sometimes disappointment about what we haven’t been able to do. Every single person in our team does this as a volunteer effort. After three consecutive years, many team members want to take a break or devote their attention to new projects. Therefore the team has decided there will not be an edition of Django: Under the Hood in 2017.

We are thrilled about what we have accomplished in the last three years, and very grateful to all our volunteers, speakers, sponsors and attendees for helping us make this a reality. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. It’s been an incredible (and at times very intense) journey for all of us, in which we’ve all grown tremendously both in our organising skills and as people.

In early 2018, we will start thinking about the options for a Django: Under the Hood 2018. We also have ideas for changes to the format that we might experiment with in 2018.

For now, we would again like to express our gratitude for being part of Django: Under the Hood in the last three years. And perhaps we’ll meet again in 2018!

Rob, Ola Sitarska, Ania, Marc, Kasia, Baptiste, Tomek, Erik, Ola Sendecka, Agata & Paul