2016 Registration

Published on 1st Jul 2016 by Ola Sitarska

Every year tickets to Django: Under The Hood sell out in a matter of minutes. This year we're trying something different to make the distribution of tickets a little bit more fair and less frustrating for everyone.

Read on to learn about the important changes we're making this year!

The Short Version

  1. On Tuesday, July 12, we will open registration. You'll have two weeks to submit your e-mail address for the lottery, until July 26th at noon CET.

  2. On Thursday July 28th at noon CET, we're going to randomly select attendees who will receive a link to purchase their conference tickets. This link will be valid for 72 hours, and then we will randomly assign it to another attendee until all of the tickets have been purchased.

That's it! ✨


For 2016, the full conference passes including 1.5 day of Talks and 1.5 of Sprints will have the following pricing:

  • 200€ for individual attendees (paying out of their own pocket)
  • 300€ for corporate tickets (companies buying tickets for their employees)

We're following DjangoCon's pricing structure to keep event as affordable for everyone as possible.

Reserve tickets for your team

If you want to make sure that tickets for your team are reserved and set aside, we'd be happy to discuss a sponsorship opportunity with you. Please get in touch with us on hello@djangounderthehood.com.

The Slightly Longer Version

Django: Under The Hood started as this little thing for around 100 people who joined us in Amsterdam for the first time about 2.5 years ago. We had no idea if this would work, but your excitement and care never ceased to surprise us.

The 100 tickets for our very first edition were gone in just few minutes. In our second year, we welcomed 3 times as many people, yet the "sold out" banner showed up on our tickets page just 10 minutes after registration was open.

We are capping the conference at 300 attendees. It's a good balance between having the conference available for as many attendees as possible and making it possible to organise with our small volunteer team.

However one thing we didn’t like about the registration process in the last two years was the feeling of panic and chaos that came from the mad rush to be first in line to buy a ticket. The process also didn't allow many people who were traveling, working, or sleeping at the time when our registration was open to attend the conference.

This is not the experience we want to provide to you, hence this year we're giving you more time to purchase a ticket on your own terms.

Feedback? Questions?

We'd love to chat! If you've got any feedback on how we could further enhance the registration process, or have any question about the process this year, we'd love to hear from you.

Drop us a line or ping us on Twitter.